Virtual Event Pro

Live stream and engage participants on You-tube, your website of other social media platforms.

Virtual Event Pro

Livestreaming increases the reach of your event beyond the four walls of the event locations.

The remote audience can participate as effectively as those within. The remote users can also be charged a few for their participation.

Livestreaming gives your event longevity. The content stored on youtube, for instance, can be viewed for a long time giving you a historical reference.



1) Save money - cut on travel costs by interactive engagement of remote users
2) Secure - Only accredited participants can view or interact
3) Two Way - viewers can post questions
4) HD quality
5) Multi-camera - professionally mixed output
6) Concise - presentation clearly transmitted to viewers
7) Remote presentations can be watched locally
8) Remote Speakers - Speakers who are unable to attend due to cost or security concerns can participate


Virtual Event Pro ensures that

1) You get maximum reach

2) The participants can be reached whether they have good internet or not

3) Reach only authenticated users 

4) Reach the public without authentication

5) Integrates local payment solutions

6) Integrates polls and survey solutions