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Conference and Summit

Conferences, summit, conventions

Conference and Summit

A formal meeting of people with a shared interest, typically one that takes place over several days.





Why deploy technology?

1. KNOWLEDGE THIRST - Participants come to learn and interact. Colection and organizing the knowledge well is  critical for the success of the event. Provide them with relevant information.

2. EXTERNAL VENUE CHALLENGES - Usually help in hotels or confence centres. Its important that all the participants can easily find their way around.

3. LONG QUEUES - Begins with a keynote session in the morning, attendees come in droves causing long queues, frustrated attendees and delay in the program. 

4. PRE- REGISTRATION - Organizers take on this to ease on onsite registration a form is often placed on the event website for attendees to self register online.

5. ONSITE REGISTRATION/VERIFICATION - They have large numbers that require registering FAST and in good time for the event start.

6. MASS ATTENDANCE - Conferences attendees might come in huge drones throughout the conference.

7. PAYMENT SOLUTIONS - Participants need a convenient way of paying both online and onsite.

8. ACTIVITIES REGISTRATION - Conference might have activities such as excursions that need attendees to register for.

9. BREAKAWAYS and MEALS CHAOS - Track and Manage access to various event facilities. Managing who can attend which session and meals usually causes a lot of disorder. 

10. WIDE REACH - Interested parties that are interested in the Conference but cannot attend can be able to participate via livestream

11. GIVE AWAY ISSUANCE - Sponsors might issue giveaways to be distributed to the attendees.

12. INFORMATION DISTRIBUTION - International attendees have to be assisted to know their way around for comfort and ease of mind.

13. PROGRAM DISTRIBUTION - Distribute event program to attendees