3 Virtual Event Mistakes you could be Making

3 Virtual Event Mistakes you could be Making

Virtual events have been in the market for a long time but gained popularity recently due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. With the banning of social gatherings, virtual events provide a space to exchange ideas, network and learn without the risk of jeopardizing one’s health. If you are new to this concept or even an expert, here are some three mistakes to avoid making when hosting an event virtually.

Mistake 1. Not testing before the event.

 A common mistake that event owners make is neglecting to test the virtual tools before the event. Imagine putting a lot of effort in marketing, getting audiences excited to attend and selecting the best speakers only for the event technology to fail. By rehearsing the event the day before, you will be able to fix any possible glitches that could come up on the D-day. Test the lighting and sound components to ensure they are well optimized.Check your internet connectivity as well. If the virtual platform has features like polls, check-in and chat boxes test those as well to ensure your event runs smoothly. Remeber the saying, better safe than sorry.

Mistake 2. Neglecting customer support.

When hosting virtual events, do not assume that everyone is tech-savvy. From the point of registration to check-in and during the event, have a customer support system at hand to help in the navigation of the platform. If the virtual platform has additional features like chat rooms and polls, give attendees a guide so that they can get the most out of the event.  This can be done at the beginning during introductions. Alternatively, you can send a step by step guide on mail days before the event so that your audience can be well oriented with the technology.

Mistake 3. Choosing the wrong speakers.

Speakers are a very important element of a successful event. When selecting speakers, choose someone who is well versed with the topic of discussion, who is lively and knows how to properly engage with the audience. Virtual events can be distracting, it’s easy to zone out of a presentation to answer an email or reply a message but good speakers will captivate the audience’s attention from beginning to the end. Remember to train your speakers on the technological aspect of the virtual platform as well as on how to make a powerful presentations.

There is a whale of resources on how to properly host a virtual event yet we continue to see the same mistakes being repeated over and over. To make your work easier, work with event tech professionals that will guide you through the process of hosting an event online. Dont hesitate to contact us.