Creating a Great Check-In Experience

Creating a Great Check-In Experience

An event check-in process creates the first impression when the attendees come to your event. This is why it needs to be seamless and well thought of. If you fail to plan for the event check-in, the attendees could be met with long queues, confusion and chaos which can create a bad image of the event.

A good check-in experience begins days before the event starts. Make use of event pre-registration systems whether it is RSVP, ticketing or online registration. They are very efficient in reducing the friction of checking in. Take for instance an online portal, once the registration page is set up, the attendees will key in the necessary details and make payment (if payment is required). Once the registration is successful, they will receive confirmatory email or SMS attached with a unique QR code.  This special code can be used to check-in the attendees on the day of the event hence reducing queues. The same applies to RSVP and ticketing.

 Another great way to create a smooth check-in experience is by giving the attendees information on the check-in process. Weeks or days to the event, send bulk emails or SMS to the participants on what they need to know about the check-in process. If they need to come with tickets or any form of identification, let them know. Attach a floor plan, a demo or manual on the check-in process so that they can be well acquainted come the day of the event. Make sure to have clear banners indicating registration desk onsite.

On the day of the event, the first people that your attendees are likely to come into contact with are the event staff. Ensure that they are acquainted with good customer service. Remember first impressions lasts, so you want the interaction between the attendees and your staff to be positive. Ensure that your staff is able to assist in check-in and registrations, answer questions, direct the attendees to the right places and any other assistance that will be needed.

Invest in good event registration software that has tools to help manage your event. Features like bulk communication, payment processing, surveys, airport and hotel booking, check-in, real-time reporting etc are useful in handling attendees. Event software is able to register and check-in attendees as they walk in. With pre-populated data, checking in will be fast thus reducing queues.

 Reduce queues by installing self-check-in kiosks where attendees can register or check-in independently. They will be to preview, edit and print a name tag for better accuracy of data. Ensure that there is onsite staff to provide any technical support.