Smarts AGMS: The End to Disorder and Long Queues

Smarts AGMS: The End to Disorder and Long Queues

On good days, AGM meetings run smooth and effectively, the objectives of the meetings are met and everyone goes home happy. It is not uncommon for AGM meetings to turn chaotic, leaving you frustrated and scratching your head over what went wrong.

 There are numerous reasons why disturbances occur in an AGM meeting. They could begin right from the point of registration over improper check-in process to a collision over different points of view and agenda.

However, the greatest contributing factor to disorderly meetings is the failure to invest in tools that deliver the right results.

Events technology is pragmatic in achieving your goals of people management, communication, collection of feedback and wide reach.

 According to Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, 90% of event technology adopters consider themselves well-positioned for future success compared to 65% of non-adopters.

If you are looking plan successful AGM meetings, its time you invested in event technology. Here are some goals you can achieve using event technology:

  • Send meeting agendas with mobile apps. Most meetings become unruly because of improper communication of agenda. Without a plan there a high likelihood of chaos to erupt. Using a mobile app enables you to share the underlying goals of the meeting beforehand so everyone can be on the same page.
  • Reduce long queues and wait time during check-ins with integrated event registration solutions. When there is a disorganized check-in process on-site, tempers are likely to flare up quickly. An event registration solution allows faster and seamless check-in while allowing you to capture the important details that you need.
  • Go paperless by uploading important documents like annual reports and minutes in a central portal that attendees can access at any time. Having this information ensures that there is no surprise communication during the AGM.
  • Gather important feedback through live polls and surveys so that no one feels left out of the discussion. Maintaining engagement throughout the meeting produces collective decision making as opposed to one-sided meetings.
  • Reach a wider audience through live stream or video conferencing. Sometimes the key players are unable to be physically present at the event due to conflicting schedules and travel cost. Virtual tools allow participation despite geographic and time constraints.

Whatever the goal of your AGM is, be it people management, knowledge dissemination, engagement or wide reach consider using event management tools. Additionally, these tools will save you time and money while delivering a great experience for your attendees.

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