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The Smart Way to Manage Your Events

We are the the Event Management Platform you need for All your Events; Conferences, Summits , Exhibitions, AGMs, GALAs, Breakfasts & More Events.

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Solutions We Offer

Online Registration

Simplify participants' process to register and pay for your events

Onsite Registration

Combine in-person & virtual experiences effortlessly

RSVP Solutions

Plan, invite, track, and communicate with your event guests with ease

Event Mobile App

Manage all your event's activities with our all-in-one mobile app

Paperless Conferencing

Save time, money, and trees with paperless conferencing for your events

Interractive Live Stream

Reach a wider audience with our seamless interractive Live Broadcasting

Hybrid Events

Combine in-person & virtual experiences effortlessly with our hybrid events solutions

Providing Event Organizers with 80+ Attendee Management Solutions

Headaches We Solve

• Keep track of bookings and booking changes made by participants.

• Tracking various special requirements from participants, such as dietary needs, disabilities, and other preferences?

Tracking of payments from various sources and through multiple sources

• Managing exhibitor bookings spaces, facilities and payments

• Manage disorders associated with discounts and managing special groups.

Enforce registration rules like early bird discounts, special rates for groups, etc.

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Manage queues on the day of event

• Contain Security risks associated with large congregations

Delegates accompanying persons and the resources they access?

Enforce rules of access to various facilities or number of exhibitor stand personnel

Manage giveaways on behalf of sponsor and give accurate feedback

Track and Manage access to various event facilities

• Are prompt reports important to you?

• Are name badges secure? They shouldn’t be duplicatable or forgeable, as it will compromise the security of the event.

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0700 111 222

• Are your participants able to ask questions and give feedback to you and your exhibitors easily?

Is information disbursed to your participants as effectively as you would want?

• Conferring is the goal of Conferences: Are the participants networking effectively?

• Are you bogged down with many questions that can be answered just once for everyone?

• Are the participants able to network further on their personal networks, hence giving you a wider reach?

• How do you take and process feedback and questions from all participants?

• Creating more conversation during the event

• Giving exhibitors and sponsors value for money on visibility

• Some participants leave with unanswered burning questions, hence feeling unfulfilled

• Is paper printing and distribution bogging you down and too expensive?

• Increase networking post-event?

• Run, get feedback, and poll instantaneously.


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