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Event Technology. Using Event Technology to Accomplish Sustainable Events.

The changing global environment has become a serious problem. Many countries are faced with prolonged forest fires, increasing temperatures, droughts, hurricanes and the raising of sea levels posing a threat to both human and animal life. 

There is a great need of addressing some of the practices that we use which put more pressure in our environment. Event organizers should jump on the sustainable bandwagon by adopting initiatives that are more environmentally conscious.

To help you minimize your carbon footprint, here are some tips!

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications play a huge role in reducing paper wastage in events. They lessen the need for printing of paper by storing all the event itinerary like programs and brochures in a central place. While physical documents cannot be easily updated, mobile apps make it easy to make changes without the need to reprint. Information can be accessed at any time and attendees don’t have to walk around the conference area with piles of paper.


Videoconferencing is an efficient tool in addressing large numbers of people virtually. There is a growing trend in nonphysical meetings where people can meet with the convenience of an internet connection and computer. Not only does it help the planet by reducing fuel costs that will be incurred by travelling, but it saves time and can be recorded for future use. 

Use social media. 

Social media is a cheap and reliable method of creating a buzz about your event driving high ticket sales. According to Falcon.Io  “4.33 billion people have access to the internet and of these, 3.499 billion are active social media users.” This means that your event is just a tweet away from being discovered. Using digital platforms instead of paper made posters and flyers can help save a few trees. 


 Badges and lanyards can be easily recycled and used for the next event. Create a station at the venue where the attendees can drop their badges as they leave the event. The materials can be sanitized and stored for future use.

Online Presentations

Encourage speakers to save their work on a USB or the mobile app instead of printing presentations. This way they can have access to their work wherever they are and make changes without having to reprint. The presentations can be shared with attendees or archived for future use.

Bulk communication tools 

Bulk SMS and emails tools come in handy for communication when sending invitations. Instead of employing traditional methods of invitation like printed letters, bulk emails makes it possible to communicate with attendees. Not only do they reduce the cost of printing but they also save on time.  

Use online registration instead of ticketing

A standard way of promoting sustainability is by reducing the amount of paper as mentioned above. Paper tickets put more harm to the environment as it encourages cutting down of trees. Reduce your carbon footprint by sending email invitations or using online registration services.

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