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Event Technology. When to do Ticketing and Online Event Registration

Do you want to execute your next event and you are torn between using a ticketing system and event registration software, this article is for you. Technology has greatly reduced the hassle of event registration. You no longer have to struggle with excel spreadsheets, printed invitations and documents to manage the guest list.

In order to choose what system to use, you need an understanding of how they work. There is no major difference in ticketing and online registration. They are both convenient, they give automated entry to events, they both collect attendee information, allow the collection of payment etc.

Ticketing system

A ticketing system is set up on an event website page or an event ticketing software to sell event tickets to attendees. You can start selling tickets as soon as you have entered the details of your event and customized the portal in accordance with the needs of your event. Be sure to incorporate various payment plans such as Mpesa, MasterCard or PayPal for easy buying of tickets. Set up an automated confirmatory email to alert on successful ticket purchase together with the e-ticket. The attendees will be at ease knowing that their registration has gone through.

Online registration system

Event registration software works the same way as mentioned above. A website is created where the attendees can register their details and make payments. After complete registration, the attendees will receive a confirmation email with a unique QR code. The data obtained from the registration can be used to pre-print name tag or print the badges on site.

Which one to use

For festivals and concerts, it’s wise to use tickets because there is a probability that the tickets will be brought in bulk. Take for instance someone buying tickets for the family members or for a group of friends. It will be easier for them to purchase tickets as with tickets there is no major information being keyed in to purchase them. Using a registration system where a lot of details need to be collected will not be the best for one person buying mass tickets.

Registration is synonymous with conferences and seminars because in most cases the registration is individualized. This is to say that the registration will be done by an individual as opposed to group registration. Use a registration app when you need to collect a wide range of information and also when the registration is individualized.

When to use both

You can use both systems in conferences and seminars where there is a side event within with the main event, for example, a gala dinner. In case the attendees want to bring a plus one or the dinner is open to other people, they can purchase tickets in order to gain access. For concerts and festivals, you can also use both to cater to the different kinds of participants that will be there for example vendors, service providers and media can use registration while the delegates can use tickets for the right of entry.

It is advantageous to have software that has both ticketing and registration systems in one roof. You will have the flexibility to choose when to employ one method or when to use both.

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