Online Registration

Pre Event registration solutions including web based, USSD or SMS registration

Online Registration

Online Dijito.Control pre-event booking has the following key features:

• Data collection for the purpose of better networking
• Air ticket, Hotel bookings, exhibition space booking
• Payment and reconciliation of the various sources of payment .
• Enforcement of registration rules eg. “Moderators get a 50% discount”
• Preset registration behavior based on lists fed into the system eg. “paid up members pay less by 30%:
• Participants have unique registration IDs to enable them to edit their booking at will.



1) Ease and flexible of use by the end users
2) Allows local payment solutions if required
3) End user has control to alter his bookings
4) Manages exhibitor floor plan
5) Manages hotel bookings and Airport transfers with customized reports to relevant organizers
6) Event registration rules and conditions enforceable
7) Enhances security by accreditation of all or particular groups of people
8) Solution design relevant to developing world realities eg. Allows SMS registration, local payment solutions, USSD registration