Onsite Registration

Name Badge issuance, Manage access, Track access

 Onsite Registration

Event day onsite registration solutions that are designed to implement the registration ideals of the event. Its structured based on many years of experience on the realities of onsite registration where speed, accuracy and security are paramount 


Benefits to your event:

1) Accountability - Accurate daily attendance management reports
2) Resource management - account for every resource consumed eg giveaways
3) Security - Nametags with security Features like passport photo and QR codes
4) Security - Teller cannot bypass rules and print badge to unqualified person
5) Real time attendance reports
6) Fast - name tags printed onsite
7) Fast - Multiple check-in methods for pre-registered people
8) FAST - Marking attendance easier with RFID tagged badges

What can you do?

• Manage handout resources e.g. Bags, T-shirts
• Manage attendance to plenary sessions and other facilities on offer.
• Reports are generated as required.
• Printing of security badges for all participants. Badges include photos and QR code if required.
• Register visitor to event using fast methods such as SMS
• Enforce rules of registration. E.g. How many exhibitor personnel can access lunch area.
• Fully synched to work over internet or off a local server. This brings flexibility of registration options. For example, multiple locations can operate as one