Paperless Conference

Conference Intranet Wi-Fi zone network

Paperless Conference

Event intranet used on the day of event. To ensure performance and no bottlenecks, Dijito.One sets up a local content server and boosted Wi-Fi access points to ensure the participants are able to access content simultenously.


The participants require their smart devices (laptop, smart phone or tablet) to access the content during event days.

1) Paperless - Less or no paper need to be printed
2) Information dispensation - Ease of pushing changes to any pre-documented information
3) Enhanced communication - Attendees can chat amongst themselves and the organizers
4) Seek opinions - You can run polls and surveys to gauge effectiveness and knowledge of the event
5) Feedback - Gather feedback from attendees in realtime
6) Flexible - Attendee can use their smart devices (any laptops, tablets and phones)
7) Rich content - You can distribute multimedia content like videos to attendees



• Ask log questions,
• Participate in polls and voting,  
• Communicate with each other through chats and topic forums
• Get the latest presentations documents
• View exhibitor and sponsor content
• Get the paparazzi photos and share on social media