Annual General Meeting

AGM for SACCO, listed companies and private companies

Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting for SACCOs and listed companies. Characteristics of AGMs is within a legally defined framework that dictates how they are run.





Why deploy technology? 

 The solutions on Dijito.One are designed to address these unique characteristcs of AGMs as follows.

1) REGISTRATION SPEED - They have large numbers that require to register FAST and in good time for the event start

2)  INFORMATION DISEMINATION - Sharing of documents that needs to be distributed to the participants cheaply and allow for fast changes in content.

3) CAPTURE THE QUESTIONS - Not all people get a chance to ask their buning issues as a few may monopolize the Q&A sessions.

4) MANAGING GIVE-AWAYS - Give aways need accountability in distribution as often a few people hog the giveaways from the others.

5) MONITORING ATTENDANCE - You may want to know who attended and for how long. This information can be used distribute the seating allowance fairly and to deserving cases

6) REACH A WIDE AUDIENCE - Not all participants are able to attend the event. Reaching them by livestream is the best option to get their participation