Workshops and Seminars

Training, demonstrations or educational events for a relatively small group of persons

Workshops and Seminars

Workshops get participants fully involved in the learning process: small and large group discussions, activities & exercises, opportunities to practice applying the concepts that are presented.

Seminars tend to be more one-way from the presenter without opportunities for practice or application nor do they actively engage participants in the process




The following are the characteristics of Workshops and Seminars that make use of Event automation services a must:

1) KNOWLEDGE DISEMINATION - Distribute the knowledge that the participants require. 

2) Q&A - All participants get an easy opportunity to ask any question they may have at anytime. They leave satisfied

3) KNOWLEDGE TESTING (QUIZZES) - Quiz the participants for knowledge retention. 

4) RSVP SERVICES - Know who is attending, where they will be staying, food preferences etc

5) MARKING ATTENDANCE - Track attendance of all participants for accountability andenforce seriousness of purpose

6) CPD/CLE POINT ALLOCATION - Continous professional development poinrs need to be accurately issued to deserving cases

7) LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT - Record preferences of travel and accomodation for ease of managing your event logistics

8) FEEDBACK - Capture the general feedback from the participants for self evaluation and future improvements