Public Participation Forums

Manage public events for enhanced security, communication and engagement

Public Participation Forums

Public participation forums are events where the public voluntarily participates for educational or opinion collection purposes.


Public forums are characterzed by:

1) UNPREDICTABLE NUMBERS - Unpredictable number of participants. This can create roudyness

2) INSECURITY - Because of not knowing who will come, ill intentioned people can capitalize on the crowd to participate in anti-social behavior like petty thefts and heckling 

3) BROKEN COMMUNICATION - Potentially the participants can feel discontented as information isn't easy flowing. 

4) UNHEARD - Discontentment as some participans may monopolize the sessions and the rest are not heard

5) IRREGULAR VOTES Unfair voting processes as the public are disorganized. Voting by aclamation or show of hands is inconclussive

6) MINUTES DISTRIBUTION - Difficulty in distributing the minutes of the event as contact information scanty if available